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Quince & co Piper

Loop is the European flagship shop for all of quince & co yarns. We're so proud to stock their beautiful yarns.

Piper is almost lace weight: 303 yards to 50 grams. It knits up like a dream. Unlike brushed mohair, itfs fuzz is soft and subtle. You can still distinguish stitches. But the halo is there, a pretty haze that invites touch.
Quince have blended this lovely fiber with Texas merino, 50/50, to make little Piper.

Hand wash, lay flat to dry.

From Quince: 
"Did you know that not that long ago Texas was mohair capital of the world? No longer, sadly. 
We've gone from exporting 35,000,000 pounds of mohair fiber to barely a million. And along with the loss of our mohair goats, we,ve lost the ancillary industries: Processing, carding, spinning, dyeing. All those good things.
That said, some of the finest mohair in the world is still raised in Texas. And we're making a yarn out of it.
There are ten total, soft-but-not-wimpy shades that youfd find in vintage '40's prints, and all named after parts of Texas."

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