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Brooklyn Tweed - Plains

A Limited Edition Brooklyn Tweed yarn. Now on Sale.

A special single-batch collaboration with Mountain Meadow Mill in Buffalo, Wyoming.

Because Plains represents a special collaboration on a limited batch, when it’s gone, it’s gone. Loop is honoured to be able to offer this to our customers.
Each skein contains a generous 440 yards, so you can knit a whole project with just one or two hanks.

Plains is a rare gem: a breed-specific, two-ply laceweight wool produced entirely in America. Spun worsted for strength and stitch definition, Plains preserves the crimp and spring of Rambouillet fleece in a slightly rustic yarn with a natural aptitude for openwork.
Our partnership with Mountain Meadow Mill in Wyoming allowed us to spin premium Rambouillet wool in the same county where the sheep roam. This eco-friendly, woman-owned and family-run mill gives ranchers a local market for their fine wool and we are proud to have worked with them to create this lovely small-batch addition to the Brooklyn Tweed yarn family.
Our focused palette of skein-dyed colors is the work of Saco River Dyehouse, an organically certified dyeworks in Maine.

Plains is our first foray into intensely local, limited-edition yarns. We teamed up with Mountain Meadow Mill in Buffalo, Wyoming to develop a 2-ply laceweight yarn that celebrates the exceptional bounce and liveliness of the American Rambouillet fleece. This downy soft wool, perfect for next-to-skin wear, takes blocking beautifully despite its elasticity. Spun worsted for strength and stitch definition, Plains retains a hint of thick-and-thin rusticity that shows the breed’s particular character and reminds you that you’re knitting close to the source.
Plains was organically skein-dyed in a focused palette of ten serene colors at Saco River Dyehouse in Biddeford, Maine. Saco River is a Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified dyeworks and operates with the keenest possible focus on ecological and sustainable practices.

Yardage: Each 50g skein has approx 440 yards/402 metres
Brooklyn Tweed - Plains
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