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A Day at the Flower Factory

Playing with pictures, props and more.

A Photography and Styling Workshop for Makers & Crafters

Kristin Perers with Tif Fussell (dottie angel) and Susan Cropper

A one day workshop for crafters and makers to inspire creative engagement while also giving practical tips on styling and taking pictures for websites, PR and social media (and your own pleasure!).

Based at Kristin’s studio The Flower Factory, in London’s East End, the day will unfold in three sections with each Kristin, Susan and Tif demonstrating a different aspect of their own unique approach to styling and photography.
Emphasis is on encouraging students to develop their own style. Talks and demos are based on unveiling the creative thought process and the practical considerations – as well as technical tips for getting great shots that will celebrate your work.
A fun day of an exchange of ideas and demonstrations.

The vibrant Columbia Road Flower Market will be in full swing and time will be given mid day to explore.

Any level of photography skills welcome, a SLR is not a requirement. Your phone is fine too to shoot with.

Sunday June 25th. 10am-4pm with a break for a beautiful lunch and time to mooch about the Flower market and quirky shops of Columbia Road, London.
Refreshments will be served throughout the day.

Kristin Perers: @kristinperers

‘Making Your Own Hand Painted Backdrops’
A camera is a technical tool but the process of a photo shoot is a creative and imaginative engagement. When the two come together, when you harness the mechanical with the intuitive you can make pictures of great impact and the process of the shoot becomes a heart-felt exploration.

My journey to photography has been a very handmade one. I am a photographer because I love the things I photograph. Drawn to the hand crafted as a subject not only leads me to seek out crafters but also to create my own handmade sets and backdrops. 
It is this handmade approach to photography that I will be sharing on this workshop.  Specifically I will be helping you make your own hand painted backdrops. Allowing your ‘make’ to steer your approach you will discover how the right backdrop can augment but not overtake your subject.

The morning will consist of a demonstration of techniques for creating a variety of complimentary, textural studio backdrops. Each student will have time at making their own backdrop which will then be incorporated in the pictures you take later in the day.

Tif Fussell (dottie angel): @dottieangel
“If I go to sleep at night knowing I have visited my imagination, however fleeting it may have been, then I know I have spent my day wisely”

One of the things we rarely give ourselves permission to do once we are all grown up in the world is play. Yet playing and indeed taking time out to daydream are exactly what our creative soul needs to feed it. I will share a few snippets on how I started out with dottie angel along with how my brand grew (unintentionally) by the photos I took for blogging, crafting and selling on Etsy. After which I will show a few simple ways to bring play into a vignette, before we will get hands-on with playing. Setting no expectations and clinging to no outcomes, using a tabletop, and a few curated items you have brought from home, I will guide you on bringing an element of simplicity and joy to the picture. Perhaps a story will emerge, or a theme and in turn a clearer picture of what your creative voice has to say and what you wish to have the viewer focus on, will miraculously come to life through the lens and your imagination.  

Susan Cropper: @LoopLondonLoves
Susan is the owner of Loop in London, England. With a background in art direction and styling from many years in publishing before opening Loop, she curates what is both in the shop and the images that people see on social media for Loop.

Collaborating for many years with Kristin on Loop's books and patterns, I will try and give a peek into the process that we work through to create those beautiful images.
For me, the images that you take at the end are the culmination of a long process which involves working with designers, choosing yarn, colours, tech-editing, layout design of the pattern - the whole collaboration of ideas and words comes together to the outside world with the images you create. This is what is presented to the world.
But it is also a very fluid process, driven mostly through an intuitive aesthetic sense. This is made easier with lovely props, light and an informed knowledge of what feels right to you.
I'll be bringing my 'bag of tricks' to play with to help give a sense of how I shoot my own images as well as a glimpse into how Kristin and I work together.

Each student is asked to bring with you up to three examples of your work/craft that you would like to photograph along with a few props that you feel may compliment. 

Please note because space is limited all items should be table top size.
Please bring an apron and/or wear clothes that will only improve with a splash of paint.

All materials are included but please bring some of your work or favourite props that you might like to work with through the day.

Maximum of 10 students.
Please try and arrive by public transport as it is very difficult to park near the Flower Market on Sundays. (there are severe parking restrictions on Sunday)
Nearest Tube: Old Street
Nearest Overground: Hoxton/Shoreditch High St Overground 

All materials and lunch are supplied but please see above for more details.
If you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions please let us know at the time of booking and we'll be more than happy to accomodate you.

The workshop will be held at The Flower Factory on Columbia Road, London.
Upon booking we will email you the address, more information and contact details should you need to discuss anything.
Maximum of 10 students. 
100% deposit is required at registration. 

Cancellation policy: 
Full refund of payment for a class will be given for cancellations only if the spot can be filled by another student. Please be considerate. We reserve the right to cancel a class in unusual circumstances. We try to avoid this wherever possible, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. In this situation, of course, a full refund will be given. 
We're sorry but loop can not be financially responsible for extreme weather conditions or any other situations that are out of its' control.

This product is Non Deliverable and must be picked up at the Loop London store.