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Rosy Green Merino d'Arles

Rosy Green Wool Merino d‘Arles is 100% French Organic Merino. 
The Merino D’Arles is a specialty sheep originating from the Alpine meadows of France. It is often considered the finest Merino wool in Europe.

This beautiful Sportweight yarn has been developed in collaboration with Melanie Berg.

For centuries shepherds have been guiding their flocks over hundreds of kilometres from Southern France to the lush meadows of the Alps over the Summer. This old tradition, called transhumance, was adopted in 1806 for the Merino d'Arles sheep amd continues today.

Fibre: 100% Organic Virgin Merino. GOTS certified.
50 grams 
Yardage: 200 metres (218 yds) 
Needle: 2.5-4mm (depending on pattern)
Care: Handwash and lay flat to dry.

Loop is the exclusive London stockist for the Merino d'Arles yarn from Rosy Green Wools.
See Melanie Berg's beautiful patterns Verdon and La Crau that both use this beautiful yarn!

A little history and the lovely story of Merino d'Arles:

In 1786, Louis XVI imported a flock of Merinos from Spain into France. Over the next 20 years the flock established itself as one of the major fleece producers of the country. In the southern French region of Arles the Merino was crossed with the local “mouton camarguiase”, breeding a strong sheep that was able to cope with the harsh conditions on the plains just as easily as the higher pastures.

The tradition of the “Transhumance” still carries on to this day.
During the winter the flocks stay in the valley where there is plenty to graze and they’re safe from the mountain conditions. As it gets hotter, and the grazing thins out, the shepherds walk their flocks to high mountain pastures.
This 5 day walk to over 2000m passes through local towns and villages, the numbers of sheep swelling as more flocks join along the way. This hardy breed then stay in the high regions until the weather starts to turn, before they are once again led back to the valleys.


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