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Opinionated Knitter (The) Newsletters 1958-1968

Elizabeth Zimmermann did not write ordinary knitting patterns, she wrote letters to knitters, and so her books do not read like any other knitting book. Gone are the rather dry instructions you would normally find, and instead we have Elizabeth's wonderful conversational tone, full of wit and wisdom.

This one is a collection of the newsletters she wrote from 1958-1968 and has colour photos added which is a real treat as all the other EZ books have only black and white pictures.

Above all, EZ invites us and encourages us to think for ourselves. Her words are never scornful towards the 'blind follower', but the way EZ looked at it, these are simply knitters who do not yet know that they can design their own knitting and she provides plenty of instruction for those of us who are not quite ready and need a bit of 'hand holding'.

Of course the lovely digressions are there, and with lovely pictures, making this a book to pick up any time with a cup of coffee rather than a book you pick up only to browse patterns. The patterns themselves are classics, yet often unexpected, and her instructions are full of unusual techniques which you may never see anywhere else.
Opinionated Knitter (The) Newsletters 1958-1968
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