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Nathalie Lete Limited Edition Art Prints

These are very limited edition signed and numbered prints.
They have been made in editions of 20 and are signed by Nathalie Lété with the print number.
Digital ink prints on very fine art paper.

IMPORTANT: They should be framed with the glass at least 3mm away from the print so the print sits back away from the glass. The number after the name refers to the written print number in the edition run.
They are stunning.

33 cm (13") x 48 cm (19") either vertical or horizontal.
Every print is numbered and hand signed by Nathalie Lete.
The numbers in the editions we have are stated below.

A Couple of Romantics: 13/20 and 14/20
Birds in Winter: 1/20 and 2/20
At Dawn: 2/20 and 3/20
Girl with Bird: 11/20 and 12/20
In the Fig Tree: 4/20 and 5/20
On a Sunny Day: 1/20 and 2/20
Owl: EA (EPREUVE D’artiste,which is the ARTIST'S PROOF )
Snowbound Village: Editions 1/20 and 2/20
The Forest: 1/20 and 2/20
Periode des Amours: 18/20
Winter Squirrel and Lady: 8/20

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