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Plants are Magic 1

Plants Are Magic Magazine Vol 1

A new magazine for makers, dreamers and plant lovers.

Celebrating botanical creativity and exploring the human relationship with plants.

The first edition of the magazine focuses on well-being.

There are  80 pages of plant-based art, craft, food, healing, interviews, stories, experiences, recipes and tutorials.

Some tasters of what you'll find within the pages:

- Colours that Heal: harnessing the power of plants to dye therapeutic cloth.  Discover how to dye your own scarf with plants, using an alternative dyeing method to my usual soya milk process.

- Oil Power: ever wondered about the difference between an oil infusion and an essential oil? A herbalist share's her journey with us and shows us the kinds of plants that make the best oil infusions and why.

- The Online Herbalist : read another herbalist's thoughts on how herbal medicine is changing thanks to this technological age that we live in.

- Nourish Your Creativity : Practical tips for eating and cooking to help us reconnect with our inner creativity.

- Eat The Rainbow : Colourful plant-based recipes for a delicious Spring/Summer lunch.

- Homegrown Healing : Read a mother's account of how the garden nourishes the whole family, not only with the delicious produce, but how their whole rhythm of life has evolved around their garden.

- A Therapeutic Language of Plant Life: Why are humans instinctively drawn to plants? Read someone's personal account and learn about some of the theories behind this.

- Noticing Nature : How to appreciate what you have around you, no matter where you live. Some tips for sparking creativity and encouraging mindfulness.

- Interviews with a botanical artist, florist, plant-lover and family who live a plant-centred life.

Independently published by Rebecca Desnos & ad-free.


Plants are Magic 1
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