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Untold Imprint 'Wanderlust' Hand-Dyed Garland 6'

6' long. (1.8 metre) This is the large version of Phoebe's Wanderlust Torn Fabric Garland. 

These garlands are meant to bring joy to your celebrations: engagement, wedding, birthday, and anniversary. Equally so, they hope to delight during the everyday celebrations of life: hanging in a room, as a curtain, bed canopy, an adornment over an archway, or set of french doors.

Each Wanderlust garland is made with 100% cotton fabric which has been hand-dyed, torn and knotted by hand in small batches to create subtle gradations of color. 
This garland is made with all subtle muted colors of ochre, peach, rose, orchid, plum, slate blue, sage, and pine.

Garland is 6 feet long with an extra 14" (35.5cm) of rope at each end for hanging. Fabric strips are tied at varying lengths so height is approximately 12-13" (30-33cm), depending on the strip that is measured.

You will not receive the same garland that is shown in the photos. Because these are made by hand in small batches, each garland is unique and has slight variations in color. These are truly one-of-a-kind. 

Imperfections in the fabric and irregularities in the dyeing are embraced elements of Untold Imprint design.

Each garland has one torn fabric strip that is adorned with two brass beads and is printed with Untold Imprint.

Care instructions: Give garland a very good shaking outdoors to free from dust. Spot clean only. Do not machine wash or dry clean.

Handmade by Phoebe Stout of Untold Imprint in Pennsylvania. 
Handmade items are not returnable.
Untold Imprint 'Wanderlust' Hand-Dyed Garland 6'
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