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Kaliko Naturally Dyed Drawstring Bag

Naturally dyed and handmade just for Loop! 
We now have some of Kaliko's bundle dyed bags - beautifully dyed naturally using dried flowers for an incredible effect in colour.

Our bags from Kaliko are naturally dyed, no synthetic dyes are used. They are very special!

Another great project bag for Knitters or any craft!
Plant dyed organic large cotton drawstring bag to hold your most precious projects. Everything is botanically dyed with natural plants.

A huge amount of hand-work goes into these bags - first the fabric is hand dyed using plant based natural dyes. Then they are sewn. After that each one has  a hand stampled botanical stencil using local plants from Berlin.

Made of beautiful GOTS-certified organic cotton, very sturdy and all natural. Ania has hand-dyed the fabric with plants, all of which came from her kitchen and were collected locally in Berlin where her studio is. 
Fresh leaves are later used to print onto the fabric, to create a unique and one of a kind pattern.

This drawstring pouch has a raw linen string. No toxic substances  were used in the process, all fibres and dyes are plant-based, the pattern was printed with a water-based ink. 

Organic cotton canvas, unlined, standing bottom, linen string. Stamped with leaves or plain.

Madder : Botanically dyed with madder root and aluminium acetate
Marigold : Botanically dyed with marigolds and aluminium acetate
Charcoal : Botanically dyed with alder cones and iron

NOTE: Some colours may transfer a bit of colour with friction so be sure to take extra special care around any light coloured upholstery or fabrics. 

Please note: Our Loop Logo is on the back of the bag and each bag has a botanical print on the front and back of the bag  

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