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Roulade Scarf Kit

A beautiful scarf in a kit!
The kit includes all the yarn for the scarf (10 balls!) as well as the  printed pattern
The new 'Brights' version uses 9 colours. (9 balls)

About the design
This is designed by PixenDK, who has kindly given us her pattern in English. The yarn and the pattern are only available at Loop in this kit form. We do not sell her pattern separately as it is a free pattern in Danish on her blog.

This is an absolute must have scarf! So beautiful in it’s simplicity.  There are 10 colours used in this.  The combination of colours is what makes it so beautiful and light using the Lamauld yarn from CaMaRose.


Tynd Lamauld from CaMaRose, 220 m / 50 g. 
50% Camelid - Llama
50% Wool

1 ball / 50 g of each 10 colors: 

Roulade Scarf - Original Colourway

Råhvid (5000), Lys Pudder (5004), Gammel Rosa (5010), Varm Rosa (5012), Askegrå (5001), Lys Mint (5016)
Grå (5041), Mørk Tyrkis (5022), Camel (5028), Mellemgrå (5080).

Roulade Scarf - Brights Colourway

Lys Koral 5557, Varm Rosa 5012 ,Lys Pudder 5004 ,Bordeaux 5069 ,Råhvid 5000 ,Mørk Turkis 5022 

Camel 5028, Askegrå 5001 ,Mørk Avokado 5024

Suggested needle size:

Straight or short circular needle 3-3.25mm (US3)


Length Approx. 200 cm.  Width stretches from approx. 22 to 46 cm.
You can easily give or take a little in both length and width. The finished weight of the Roulade worked as described is approx. 160gr

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