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Plants are Magic 4

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Plants Are Magic Magazine Vol 4

Plants Are Magic is a magazine for makers, dreamers and plant lovers. It's a celebration of botanical creativity and explores the human relationship with plants

Volume 4 is themed around ‘Home’. Our favourite plants can be a familiar comfort when we travel to new places and help us feel at home wherever we go. Have you ever experienced this? This feeling was my inspiration for this issue of the magazine.

In this issue, we explore…

  • New ways to befriend our local plants.

  • why the herbal remedy that we need is often growing right on our doorstep.

  • how to make pigments from plants and Jule Kebelmann shows us how to turn this into paint to decorate the walls in our home. It’s a beautiful way to bring the qualities of our local plants indoors.

  • how to grow edible flowers, and Bex Partridge from Botanical Tales gives us tips for baking botanical shortbread.

  • Naina Bajaria shows us how to rebalance our home according to ayurvedic principles and which plants to introduce.

  • I’ve included a tutorial on how to make watercolour paints from petals, and another guide for cold water dyeing with berries.

  • Louise Gale tells us why going barefoot is important for our wellbeing.

  • There’s a beautiful recipe for a herbal infused anointing oil by herbalist Jemma Ricketts from Enchanted Plants.

  • Crystal Whisperer, Katie-Jane Wright, tells us which stones to use to help our plants thrive and how to connect with elemental energy.

This issue of the magazine brings together some fantastic contributors!


Plants are Magic 4
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Volume 4
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