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Kaliko Naturally Dyed Cross Body Bag

Handmade in Berlin, Germany for Loop.

A new design that's teriffic!
Large, naturally dyed cross body bag with two inside pockets, and linen straps.
There is both a snap closure and a drawstring closure. 
The longer straps can be detached from the shorter ones so that, if you like, you can also use the bag as a hand-held bag. 
The perfect bag!!!

Naturally hand-dyed fabric and hand sewn. 

35.5 wide x 30 (11.8") tall
Handles: small handle is 29cm (11.4") and the longer straps on their own are 84cm (33") making the total longer cross body starp 142cm (56") from bag edge to bag edge.

Organic Cotton / Raw Linen

Madder : Botanically dyed with madder root and aluminium acetate
Marigold : Botanically dyed with marigolds and aluminium acetate
Charcoal : Botanically dyed with alder cones and iron

2 inside pockets
Sturdy linen straps 
lined with beautiful linen
Botanically stamped by hand
Each piece sewn individually

NOTE: Some colours may transfer a bit of colour with friction so be sure to take extra special care around any light coloured upholstery or fabrics. 

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