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Temaricious Sashiko Sampler Kit

More are arriving from Tokyo in early January.

Temaricious have come up with three beautiful Sashiko kits so you can create your own Sashiko Fukin sampler.
Sashiko Fukin (刺し子ふきん)is one of the most popular Sashiko items in Japan.
Fukin means a sampler or a dish-cloth. The Japanese use this square piece of white cloth to cover food, wipe dishes, and many other kitchen activities. 

Traditionally,mothers sewed hanafukin for their daughters to take when they went as a bride to live in another family. From the time her daughter was born, a mother would begin to make hanafukin stitched with various patterns representing good wishes for health, happiness, and different occasions and seasonal events

A new bride would use the hanafukin her mother had given her as a model for each sewing task she needed to perform. In this way hanafukin were a practical sign of a mother’s love for her daughter.  

The pattern is pre-printed on cotton fabric ' SARASHI', which is very smooth, light, and strong.
Sarashi is Japanese for "bleached cloth", usually cotton and sometimes linen. 

cotton 100%

Kit includes

- pre-printed pattern fabric 
- temaricious 100% naturally dyed threads
- tassel parts (you can make a tassel with left-over thread)
- sashiko needle
- instructions in English

Now comes in Eco- friendly and minimal packaging and no longer a box 

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