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Temaricious Naturally Dyed Cotton Thread Bundles

100% Naturally dyed threads

  • Hand dyed
  • 100% Cotton
  • 5g / 140m / skein
  • Count (thickness of thread): equivalent to no.25 1/6

Ideal for handcrafts such as:

Temari base wrapping, Temari embroidery, Embroidery, Sashiko, Kogin, Darning、Japanese book binding, Tassel, Pompom, Cross stitch, Kumihimo, Yubinuki、Wrapping presents、Jewellery making etc.

Our beautifully coloured,threads are hand dyed with 100% natural material each with their own story since we pick weeds or grow seasonal plants and gather fallen leaves and twigs local to our area.
Each little bundle shows which plants were used to dye the colour :

Dyed with the following:
A1 - Avocado
IM1 - Indian Madder
IM2 - Indian Madder
IM3 - Indian Madder
IM4 - Indian Madder

IM5 - Indian Madder
CB1 - Chestnut Burr
C1 - Cochineal
C2 - Cochineal
CI1 - Cochineal Indigo
F1 - Fleabane
F2 - Fleabane
GS1 - Garcinia Subelliptica
JB - Japanese Butterbur
L1 - Logwood
L2 - Logwood
L3 - Logwood
L4- Logwood
L5- Logwood
LR1 - Lithospermum Root
M1 - Mugwort

We also have beautiful sets of naturally hand-dyed thread sets  in beautiful colourways and more beautiful bundles dyed with various shades of Indigo .

Produced in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo.

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