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Temaricious Special Edition Naturally Dyed Cotton Thread

The lovely ladies at Temaricious have dyed this glorious new colour exclusively for Loop's 15th Anniversary!

We love the brilliant teal blue hand-dyed with the berries of the Glory Bower tree. Spectacular from late summer onwards when its heads of pink buds open into balls of small white stars. These later develop bright blue berries, each surrounded by rich maroon star-shaped petals.  

This beautiful colour is a very rare natural colour as the glory bower tree only flowers for a very short time  and produces a scattering of berries once a year in late summer and early autumn. 

"Our beautifully coloured,threads are hand dyed with 100% natural material each with their own story since we pick weeds or grow seasonal plants and gather fallen leaves and twigs local to our area.

Each little bundle shows which plants were used to dye the colour" 

This special edition colour is available in the cotton bundles as well as the individual threads 
100% Naturally dyed threads

  • Hand dyed
  • 100% Cotton
  • 5g / 140m / skein per bundle or 150 cm on each twist of the individual threads. 
  • Count (thickness of thread): equivalent to no.25 1/6   

We also have some beautiful special edition sets of naturally dyed bundles!

Ideal for handcrafts such as:

Temari base wrapping, Temari embroidery, Embroidery, Sashiko, Kogin, Darning、Japanese book binding, Tassel, Pompom, Cross stitch, Kumihimo, Yubinuki、Wrapping presents、Jewellery making etc.

We also have beautiful sets of naturally hand-dyed thread sets  in 5 colourways and more beautiful bundles dyed with various shades of Indigo and other seasonal plants

Hand dyed for Loop in Nishiogikubo, Tokyo.

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