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Daruma Tube

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Amazing tube yarn from Japan that's perfect for creating bags and other accessories.

A colourful yarn with a vivid color palette. Nylon yarn without fluff, like fishing line, is knitted into a tube shape to form a single yarn. The material is just right for knitting bags, pouches, and other bag accessories because it does not easily stretch. It is also suitable for summer leisure activities and for making water-related items for your home, since it is a material that can get wet. This yarn has its own characteristics, so even a simple design will have a unique look and feel.

Fiber Content:
100% Nylon

(37m) 40.4 yards

Unit Weight
40g/1.41 ounces
DC10-11 stitches & 5.5-6rows
Knitting and Hook Size
This can vary widely - anything for 4.5mm - 8mm, depending on what effect you would like to achieve.

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