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MDK Field Guide 6

Just arrived!

For this Field Guide, we invited Amy Christoffers, one of the most agile designers we know, to explore the idea of transparency. We encouraged her to go beyond the obvious transparency of lace knitting. The four projects in this little book are Amy’s graceful response to our invitation.

The result? Wearable, gift-able, portable projects that you can carry around with you and knit, knit, knit.

 Albers Shawl
Inspired by the work of Bauhaus textile artist Anni Albers, Amy Christoffers plays with the transmission of light in this shawl. The background colors—worked in crisp linen—are consistent throughout the design, and the “windows” of color—worked in a tweedy silk, merino, cashmere blend—are made by simply adding another strand and knitting it together with the background color. It’s like intarsia without worrying about gaps at color change junctions. It’s a simple and liberating way to play with color and see one color “through” another

Cockleshell Cardigan
The two pieces are each cast on at the cuff, then knit all the way to the center of the back. A beautiful bind off up the back marries the simple lace patterns, and voilà: it’s a cardigan! The chubby worsted weight means that you can easily knit one up as a baby shower gift in a few days. Only you will know how easy—and fun—it was to make.

Peek Through Cowl/Scarf
We have long been fascinated with layered lace. Apart from the sheerness, the weightless texture is beguiling. We show two cowls here. To make a scarf, you simply follow the pattern as written, but skip the finishing step when the two ends are seamed together. The single-color sections are worked in double knitting. Each color in these sections is worked separately, resulting in a double layer of fabric.

Shakerag Top
It’s a striped fabric made from exactly one yarn. The subtlety and cleverness of this is something we really love. Using two strands of Jade Sapphire Sylph, we make the stripes first with one strand, then two strands carried together.
The shape is as elemental as imaginable—it is worked from the bottom up, in the round, until dividing to work the top part back and forth. There is plenty of ease in this pullover, and drape.

The print edition includes a free digital download at Ravelry—your unique download code is on the back inside cover.

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