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Furls Handmade Alpha Crochet Hooks Cocobolo

Furls Fiberarts is the world's premier provider of luxury crochet hooks

A dynamic fusion of art, sensuality, and crochet, FURLS super-luxury crochet hooks are simply the most exquisite hooks in history. Crochet longer, crochet more beautifully and crochet more sutainably with FURLS crochet hooks. They are irresistibly warm and beautifully carved by hand. Each hook is totally unique and bear in mind that the wood grain and colour varies widely in each one. They make amazing gifts. Little beauties!

Mexican Cocobolo Crochet Hook

Delicately handcarved from Mexican Cocbolo. Cocobolo is a wonderful wood from Mexico and is considered the classic rosewood: dense with a variety of straight and wavy lines that range from dark black to bright yellow.

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