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Umbrella Swift - Rosewood Finish

Beautiful wooden umbrella swift with a Rosewood finish to it.

This is the lovliest swift we have come across. Made from Birchwood with a Rosewood finish, it's an umbrella style swift that paired with the Opry wool winder makes it a dream to wind your skeins of yarn into beautiful, easy to use cakes of yarn to knit from. It clamps to any table surface with a wooden clamp.

It easily attaches to a table top and expands to accomodate the single skein of yarn. When through it collaspes again for super easy storage.

Perfectly designed!
70cm wide when FULLY opened. 52cm from top of table to top of the swift. 70cm high from bottom of clamp to top of swift.
Made in Holland.

Umbrella Swift - Rosewood Finish
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