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mYak Tibetan Hand-dyed Cashmere Lace

Naturally Dyed Tibetan Lace Cashmere - Limited Edition

This beautiful lace-weight 100% Cashmere is a stunning example of a rare, hard to get your hands on fibre. 
Hand-dyed, naturally dyed cashmere.
These are exclusive to Loop!

In natural and softly dyed colors, harvested in Tibet directly from the goat herders on the Tibetan Plateau, and then spun in Italy, this is a gentle, soft, delicious yarn.
The hand-dyed colours use natural dyes only. (cochineal and mushrooms)
Only small quantities are available each year. We only have 20 skeins of each colour.
Loop is very honoured to have these.

Fibre: 100% Tibetan Cashmere
Each 50g skein has approx 329 metres (360 yards) 
Needle size: 2.25 -3.25mm  (US 1-3) knitting needle
Care: Handwash and lay flat to dry.

This yarn is organic.

Betty's 70's Kitchen, Sally's Calico Dreams and Peggy's Sweater Set are all dyed with mushrooms. 

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